Badly Drawn Boy, Bruce Springsteen and Classic Album Sundays

Oh Bruce Springsteen fans – a great bunch of people. No need to talk about things like the weather when you realise you’re in the company of another Bruce fan. So a few weeks back I was sitting in a room full of fans as part of Classic Album Sundays, a series of events celebrating…
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Review: Burgershack, The Royal Oak, Marylebone, London

London’s most prestigious burger blogger (er no, not me) has created his own burger menu.  Burgerac is my fav London burger detective, and his taste in music is almost as good as mine. He’s not a Bruce Springsteen fan (I’m working on it) but he is all about great tunes. What a relief! London now…
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Review: Memmo Alfama Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

The view. The view, the view, the view. Oh and the croissant loaf. Location  Alfama is regarded as a desirable part of Lisbon, where all the wealthy used to hang. They abandoned the area to fisherman in the Middle Ages (they were scared of earthquakes), but  sadly Alfama was one of the only parts of…
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