New book: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band by Barbara Pyle and Snap Galleries Springsteen exhibition

WARNING. This blog post comes with the risk of dropping a couple of hundred beans on Springsteen prints. The good news is you can also buy a book for far less.

As you may have seen, a book of fiiiiine Springsteen and the E Street Band pics is due to be published by Reel Art Press at the beginning of November. The book's the work of Barbara Pyle and captures photos of the band during the recording, rehearsing and touring of Born to Run. It's all behind-the-scenes stuff and Barbara was one of the only photographers at the time to get inside access to the band.

Along with photos of the band on tour, it includes pages of their first ever passport photos. 

I know right, it's gonna be a corker. 

Below you can see a couple of images from the book (I've seen more, and they are aces).

Along with this, there's an exhibition taking place at Snap Galleries in London until 28 November where you can buy some of Eric Meola's Springsteen photographs taken in 1977. Eric is pals with Barbara, and Snap Galleries is running an exhibition of his work to coincide with 40 years of Born to Run and the launch of Barbara's book (which you can also buy there).

The prints are a bit spenny, but as with all money spent on Springsteen, it's best to consider it an investment piece. Plus, it's better than a print of Van Gogh's Sunflowers. If that's on your wall, you need to replace it, quick.

Thinking of buying the book? Course you are. Details are here (it's usually £40 but looks like it's less sometimes) and some of the pics below.  Details on the Snap Galleries exhibition can be found here

Contain yourself, it's exciting stuff:

Photographs by Barbara Pyle

Barbara Pyle Bruce Springsteen book

Blatantly just polished off a burger


No one can rock those sandals, not even Bruce

I love this pic but he ain't gonna get a shot without a ball

All images © Barbara Pyle/Reel Art Press.


Where to eat in NEW YORK – the best breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in Manhattan and beyond

I've been emailing people loads of tips about where to eat in New York, and then I realised I really should just stick them up on the old blog. 

Along with this list, I'd also check out this feature I wrote for the Guardian's travel section where I use Instagram to make food-based decisions in the city. I list my fav NYC food accounts to follow and you can see where they eat.

I've tried to divide this into meal types, and listed the locations. When I go to NY I have to annotate maps to make sure I get to everywhere I want to eat. You should do the same, obviously.


First things first, BURGERS:
Genuine Roadside, Gotham West Market (and now downtown, too)
This is hands down one of the best burgers in New York, if not IN THE WORLD. It's a little bit out of the way in Gotham West Market but really worth it for lunch – good tunes (Tom Petty, the Clash and Springsteen when I was there) and a retro-inspired interior. Burgers are along the same lines as Shake Shack in that they aren't gourmet, or expensive – try the buttermilk chicken burger and the standard cheeseburger. GO GO GO. And then send me pictures, please.

Genuine Roadside burgers
Genuine Roadside

Genuine Roadside cheeseburger

Shake Shack, various locations (off Times Square handy for late nights)
Yep we have several in London, but these are some of the best most accessible burgers in NYC. If you haven't heard me bang on about it before, Shake Shack helped inspire this blog – I was munching one of the restaurant's burgers before a Springsteen concert in NY in 2012, and thought I loved both burgers and Bruce, A LOT. And voila. There are queues, but it's worth it. I'd recommend going around 11pm if you're hungry after a few beers. Also check out the Grand Central Station one for breakfast.

Ramen Co burger
Ramen Co

Ramen Co, various locations
Yeah, it's a bit trendy, but it *does* taste good. Boiled noodles are squidged into a disc shape and then fried to make the 'bun'. Stick them with some beef and you have a slightly more healthy take on a burger. Sort of. It has a fast food vibe so don't go and expect to sit down for a long, leisurely lunch.


Summers Cafe, 155 S 4th Street, Brooklyn
Well it IS my name! Local Brooklyn-based coffee shop, good if you're staying in the area and need some caffeine in the morning.

Oslo Coffee, 133, Roebling Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Hipster coffee shop in the burg, they have their own roasters and it's a handy place to have a coffee sitting down.

Joe Coffee, various locations
One of my fav coffee shops in NY, consistently good, chilled vibe. If you see one def go in!

Sweet Chick, 164 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Could pass as a breakfast and lunch place – I went for the fried chicken and waffles (with three different types of butter) and shiiiit loads of maple syrup. It's on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, where there are loads of nice restaurants, vintage shops and little bars (try the Gibson, they were playing the Toots and the Maytals when I went).

Sweet Chick waffles and fried chicken
With THREE different butters

Black Seed Bagel, 170 Elizabeth Street, Manhattan
It's a bit pricier than your average bagel place in NY, but that's because they have more elaborate creations. Below is a baked egg, cheddar and bacon on an everything bagel, and a maple ham, gruyere cheese and sour pickles on a normal bagel. It's small and busy, but arrive early and you should be able to get a stool to eat in. Or just eat and walk.

Black Seed bagels

Black Seed bagels

Murray's Bagels, various locations
More of a 'normal' NY bagel place, people go on the way to work. Loads of cream cheese varieties and different types of bagels – functional and good!

Nom Wah Tea Parlor, 13 Doyer Street, Chinatown, Manhattan
Great place in Manhattan's Chinatown for huuuuuuuge portions of dim sum in a vintage tea room setting. Loads of food for your dollar. Go hungry! Leave defeated.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Little Collins, 667 Lexington Avenue (near Central Park)
This is the place to come for avocado smash – avocado with feta, chilli, lime and seeds, with a coffee on the side. It's crazily popular but one of the best places for it. 

Little Collins avocado smash


Joe's Pizza, 7 Carmine Street, Greenwich Village, Manhattan
There are loads of dollar slice pizza places in New York – many are good, but this institution's worth the extra dollar (around $2 a go). Standing room only, nip in for a slice and listen to some tunes on the radio (Dylan and Springsteen when I was there). Food tastes better with good music, and that's a fact.

Joe's Pizza
Dollar(ish) pizza

Mei Lai Wah Bakery, 64 Bayard Street, Chinatown, Manhattan
Come here for soft, pillowy dollar pork buns when you fancy a snack! Grab and go kind of place.

Dollar pork buns

New World Mall Food Court, Flushing, Queens
This place in Flushing, Queens, is a bit of a mission if you're on your first NYC trip (you may not make it out to Queens), BUT Flushing is known as the real Chinatown, so if you get the chance, head to this food court for noodles and dumplings.

Arepa Lady, Jackson Heights, Queens
Again, maybe a bit out of town if it's your first visit, but Jackson Heights is a good area to explore if you're looking for loads of different foods, from Colombian to Tibetan. Go to the Arepa Lady's little cafe for arepas with condensed milk or savoury options. 

Blue Stove, Brooklyn
Sooooooo many delicious pie creations – I loved the apple, rosemary, blueberry and blackberry pie with an oat and brown sugar crumb.

Blue Stove pies

Lunch/ Dinner

Bronx Beer Hall, Arthur Avenue Market, The Bronx
If you have time, definitely get out of Manhattan and head to the Bronx. The Bronx Beer Hall in the historic Arthur Avenue Market is surrounded by old-school food stalls – try Mike's Deli for parmigiana and cafe el mercarto for grandma's pie. They'll also bring you burgers and garlic bread knots while you drink loads of beer (anything from a blood orange pale ale, to more normal stuff). It's a great, unpretentious place for a local neighbourhood vibe and food made with love. Over the road is an Italian restaurant that serves killer espresso martinis. 

Bronx Beer Hall
Garlic knots

Bronx Beer Hall
Grandma's pie

Paulie Gee's, 60 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn
Loads of guidebooks will send you to Grimaldi's in Brooklyn for pizza. It IS good, but Paulie Gee's is also flipping marvellous, and doesn't come with the same queues (although sometimes there are some, be warned). It's hidden behind some big, wooden barn doors, and there are extensive vegan and vegetarian options, too. The Cherry Jones was my fav: fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, prosciutto, dried bing cherries and orange blossom honey. Down the road is a nice neighbourhood bar/pub called the Achilles Heel, good to swing by for a drink before/after.

The Meatball Shop, Greenwich and Brooklyn
Really popular restaurant with a few locations, focusing on, you guessed it, meatballs. Loads of different meat varieties and sauces to choose from.

The Meatball Shop New York

Xi'an Famous Foods, various locations
A1 (Liang Pi cold-skin noodles) is the famous dish here. It's cold, fresh, fragrant and tangy (vinegar, garlic, chilli and beansprouts mixed with noodles). Really worth going for properly good noodle dishes, with lots of veggie options, too.

Xi'an Famous Foods


If you don't go out drinking, then you're doing New York wrong. Here's a whole other post about the best places to go drinking. 

This will be a growing list, I'm sure.

Eat well people! 

Review: Burger at La Cayejera food truck, Seville, Spain

Seville is famous for oranges, not burgers. Like that's going to stop me!

While my group (it was a work trip) were herded around a shawl museum (yes – a museum of shawls – this is flamenco territory), I escaped to try a burger at the city's first food truck, La Cayejera.

Here it is.

It's almost as pretty as Seville itself. I had it to take away, found myself a shady spot in the park (really nice park – Maria Luisa), while oranges plonked from the trees around me.

The burger didn't get the full love it deserved, which is sad. The first issue was I'd just had a massive lunch, and I was quite full (this was my only window to try the burger, so I had to go with it). Plus, I didn't want to go to a shawl museum.

The second thing is, it was really quite hot, and heat and burgers don't sit alongside each other that well. But I liked it. And considering we see so many food trucks nowadays, it was cool to visit one that's just getting started. My only gripe – although I felt like this about a lot of the food I tried in Seville – was that it was a bit too salty. Still, it's a good excuse to drink all the cervezas. And we did.

Seville's cool, I'd be up for going back at some point. When I say "some point" what I really mean is "Springsteen's next tour". See ya there amigos.


Local Miami: A burger and food tour in Florida with the Burger Beast

Some of you may have seen that last year I went to Miami to eat all the food. The plan was to meet up with the Burger Beast, Miami's biggest food blogger, and get him to show us a local side of the city, away from all those people doing weights and yoga and shit.

I went with my friend Tom, and we had a right old time. The piece ran in in Escapism magazine, and I'm gonna encourage you to read it right here, because it contains shiiiit loads of food recommendations, and because it's quite fun. Although I guess I would say that about my own piece. 

BUT that's not all. I only had 1,200 words to play with, so I couldn't write about all the food we tried. So below you'll find more food highlights for Miami, and a few other things you can get up too. I went to this city expecting to hate it (glitz + glamour = yuck), but actually we blooming loved it. And hopefully you will too.

Click here to read the full feature.

First of all, the Burger Beast. One hell of a man, who gave up days of his time to drive us around showing us his hometown. Blooming love him. Check out his blog because the below is just a smidge of what Miami has to offer.

Sef (the Beast) runs the Whealin Dealin' Street Food Festival, and if you're in town over this (it's the third Saturday every month), I'd really recommend going to try the best of Miami's food trucks, and for a taste of every day life in the city (no tourists, just local families).

Burger Beast

Woody's Burgers

Woody's burgers Miami

 Marlie's Delights is the best food truck for desserts, especially these apple cinnamon rolls.

Marlie's Delights Miami

AND there are loads of dogs.

Here are my other tips, in a list, because otherwise I'll be here until the end of time.

It's a bit of a drive to get here (you'll def need a car), but it's worth it for the sweet potato croquettes, fit burgers and marshmallow sauce. Try the Inside-Out Juicy Lucy burger (6oz pimento cheese and bacon stuffed angus topped with American cheese) and the Chorizo Patti sandwich (5oz house made chorizo with American cheese and lime cilantro aioli).

Oooh and the beer and cheese soup.

MEAT Eatery Boca burger

MEAT Eatery Boca burger

If like me you're a late-night eater, head to this local bakery for Cuban classics (toast with butter dipped into your coffee. Yeah, dipped).

Karla Bakery Cuban tostada cafe con leche

Josh's Deli
This deli is up the beach away from the touristy throngs of South Beach. It's in Surfside, a sleepy kind of place, good for families or a chilled brunch on a Sunday. Josh is the owner and chef, give him a high five from me if you go. And try the pastrami frita burger.

Josh's Deli Miami

This is Josh

Tom trying the burger at Josh's (with a pastrami sandwich on his plate)

We also got some pastrami to go - for Sef's parents, obvs.

Burger Beast

Proper Sausages
This place is basically a butchers where locals go for sausage sandwiches. GO GO GO.

Proper Sausages Miami

Jefe's (meaning the Boss, wahay!) is one of Miami's best food trucks, I think. The fish tacos are delicate and delicious, but it's aaaallll about the burger, pictured below. Ask for it 'Burger Beast style' and it'll come au natural without any lettuce and tomato. He's normally parked up in Wynwood, the arty, hipster part of town.

Jefe's Original Food Truck Miami

Wynwood grafitti Miami

Jefe's Originals burger

Good choice on Lexington Avenue for burgers that are verrrrry similar to Shake Shack. Burger Beast says they do some of the best fries in Miami. They were REALLY good.

BurgerFi Miami

For all your flan and cake needs.

Fireman Derek's Miai

This is where to get your Cuban food. Miami has a huge Cuban population, so Sef took us to Little Havana to try it. This place doesn't seem to have had much of a refurb since the 70s, and that's why it's great. We tried the frita cubana, various other fritas and a batido de mamey -  a sweet, thick fruit juice. Have a cafecito for a caffeine kick at the end.

El Rey de las Fritas Miami

Little Havana streets Miami
Lots of chillin on benches in Little Miami

La Sandwicherie
Obviously trips to Miami need to include the beach.

When you get hungry, head to Le Sandwicherie, just off 14th Avenue. It's an outdoor cafe with stools around the counter, and they make huuuuge, healthy-ish sandwiches. Meat, cheese and fruit stuffed in baguettes and croissants. We went once. And then again. And again. You get the idea. Great place for coffee too.

La Sandwicherie Miami

Croissant bun = YES

When we weren't eating, we spent most of our time in Twist, Miami's most famous and best gay club. It's the nuts, in every sense of the word.

Afterwards, the best place to go is Cheeseburger Baby. It's a bit grimy, but really is one of the best burgers in Miami (and I think it's been going the longest too). It's so good it makes you do this. 

And order another.

Head to South Beach in Miami and you'll see that everyone fancies themselves a bit. It's selfie central, and quite contagious. Why else would we take selfies on the beach? Oh yeah, cos we are idiots.

Thank you Burger Beast you absolute legend. Catch ya again soon!

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