Saturday, 27 September 2014

Steam Burger, Bodrum, Turkey

"Steam burger." It's the new taste of the world, apparently.

Forever the sucker, I had to try one.

I'd say in the simplest form, the steamed burger is an amalgamation of a small flat burger and a calzone. But without any of the good parts. 

The bun was sickly sweet, and the patty was a thin little sliver of what I can only hope was meat. The whole package was moist and damp. 

Actually it was wetter than that. It was properly soggy. The type  of burger where you hurry to the loo after (pah, not like that!) to wash your hands because they smell of rankness.

A few years back I tried the "wet burgers" in Istanbul. They are all the rage there (after a night out mostly). I was kind of keen. But in Bodrum? Avoid the hammam inspired sweaty boxes of glass. 

Stick to the kebabs. More on those soon.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Pizza Pilgrims - Best Pizza In London

Fit pizza. Made by Springsteen fans. It's time to talk about Pizza Pilgrims.

As you may have seen, I'm verging on obsessed with Italy. Yes yes it's a beautiful country, but the main reason I love it? The food. Carbs. I love carbs. Life is too short to not eat them.

I can't get to Italy each time I crave a pizza, so instead I head to Pizza Pilgrims in Soho, London.

The Pizza Pilgrims are two brothers (Thom and James) who headed to Italy buy an Piaggio Ape van (jealous) and learn about making pizza. They stuck an oven in the back of the van (very jealous), and started selling kick ass pizza on the streets of London. They've since gone from strength to strength, just opening their second permanent restaurant.

I will add at this point that Thom Elliott is a big Bruce Springsteen fan. BIG. This is where I'd tell Bruce to go for pizza in London (assuming Thom wouldn't mob him). 

It's also where we should ALL go for pizza in London. Because it's ludicrously good.

Less of me, I think the pictures do the talking.

Gooey oozy cheesy carby dough. I love dough. 

That's a deep fried calzone. I know. It's stuffed with porchetta and tastes even better than it looks.

You'll be very very happy eating at either. And you'll probably hear some Springsteen. And leave even happier. I always do.

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