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Tripe ‘Burger’ (Panino al Lampredotto), Florence, Italy

When I first started Burgers and Bruce my aim was to review a burger in every city that Bruce Springsteen plays. Whilst I donโ€™t doubt my ability to eat that many burgers, itโ€™s not been as easy as you might think. The problem is, I donโ€™t want to eat any old, sorry for itself burger….
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2012 Burgers and Bruce (Springsteen)Tour Highlights

2012 saw the beginnings of Burgers and Bruce and it’s been a mighty burger eating and Bruce watching year.  With hundreds of pounds spent (I can’t bring myself to do the calculations), I’ve seen six live Springsteen shows and eaten over 50 burgers worldwide (again, I can’t bring myself to do the calculations). April 2012…
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