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Bruce Springsteen in Barcelona, May 2016: a weekend with my dad

It’s a muggy Saturday night in Barcelona. There are 64,000 Catalonians crammed into Camp Nou. On the stage is Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, belting their way through the first song of the night: Badlands. And next to me? My dad. Grinning. BEAMING. Jumping like a kid high on sweets. He wasn’t supposed…
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James McAvoy, burgers and Bruce Springsteen

Why read my words about burgers when you can read James McAvoy’s words about burgers? I interviewed McAvoy about his role as Professor X in the latest X-Men film (link to the feature below). After some obligatory film chat I asked him about his favourite burger in London, natch. His response was… colourful: “I love…
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