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What a pretty looking burger

Byron Burger and Skinny Burger

A few months ago if you had of asked me what I thought of Byron burgers I would have shrugged my shoulders and muttered something along the lines of ''yeah they're pretty good''. My indifference stemmed from my last visit when I asked for an extra BBQ sauce (as you do) and the guy gawked at me and said ''woah, steady, you definitely shouldn't be eating two of those''. 

Who says that.

Following that I hadn't visited Byron for almost a year, not because of this, but there always seems to be new places to try. But the fact of the matter is, for Londoners, Byron is convenient, with their clan expanding faster than Brad and Angelina's family. In central London, you'll always find a Byron nearby.

Not long ago I was planning to meet up with a friend who is on really mental diet, no carbs, no fun basically. She insisted that we could go out for a burger and she would ''remove the bun and the cheese, scrape off the sauce and not eat the chips''. I really didn't think I could go through the trauma of seeing a burger treated liked that. Instead I racked my brains of somewhere healthy she might be able to eat, before a hazy memory of seeing a 'skinny burger' on the menu at Bryon. So off we went.

I went for the Byron burger (mature cheese and bacon). In very brief summary, the bun was soft, the 6oz patty (cooked on a char-grill) was moist, and whilst I don't tend to like a tomato in a burger, it actually was really nice to have that freshness in there. It had been so long since I visited Byron that I made the very amateur mistake of assuming the Byron burger  (£9.25) came with fries, so my burger looked a little lost on the plate.

Luckily I'd ordered a side of macaroni cheese (£3.25) which went down a treat.

My carb-avoiding friend said she really enjoyed her skinny burger, complete with side salad and she also asked for an extra of guacamole.  I'm pretty sure she was stealing glances at my lovely bun though.

So full marks to Byron for not only establishing themselves as the most convenient and best burger chain in London, but for also serving very tasty, reliable burgers and for their problem solving skinny option too. I like that they keep trying to lure you back for more with their special burgers, for example the Mo Burger to raise money for Movember, and the Triple Cheesemas, a double patty triple cheese concoction.

Not only that, on this latest visit I realised that Byron had been right all along - one BBQ sauce actually is enough. What on earth had I been thinking before! I'd better remember that next time.

Byron Burgers, London and further afield

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